Safe Sender/White list instructions

To combat SPAM, many mail servers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use high-tech filtering devices to ensure that you receive as little or no SPAM as possible. We know how annoying SPAM can be, and we support efforts made to reduce SPAM. However, some legitimate email that you want to receive, like our survey invitations, may be mistakenly flagged as SPAM and never make it to your mailbox.

To make sure you continue to receive survey invitations, please add to your list of trusted senders. In order to do this, we have provided simple instructions for each mail provider below.

Also, please add to your email address book.

  1. AOL users
  2. Yahoo users
  3. MSN users
  4. Hotmail users
  5. Gmail users
  6. Outlook users
  7. Other users

1. Click on the Contacts icon and then on New Contact AOL1.png

2. Enter in the Email 1 box and click Create AOL2.png

Yahoo (Go to Top)

1. Click on the Contacts icon and then on Add Contact Yahoo1.png

2. Enter into the Email box and click Save Yahoo2.png

Hotmail/MSN (Go to Top)

1. In the top right of your inbox click Options and then select More Options Hotmail1.png

2. Under Junk Email click Safe and Blocked Senders Hotmail2.png

3. Under Safe and Blocked Senders click Safe Senders Hotmail3.png

4. Enter in the Sender or domain to mark as safe box and then click the box Add to List Hotmail4.png

Gmail (Go to Top)

1. Click the Contacts link. This will open your Contacts List Gmail1.png

2. Click the Add Contact Icon Gmail2.png

3. Enter into the Email field and click the Save button Gmail3.png

Outlook (Go to Top)

1. On the Tools menu, click Options Outlook1.png

2. On the Preferences tab, under E-mail, click Junk E-mail Outlook2.png

3. Click the Safe Senders or Safe Recipients tab and click Add Outlook3.png

4. In the Enter an e-mail address or Internet domain name to be added to the list box, enter, and then click OK Outlook4.png

Other users (Go to Top)

Please add to your address book or contact list. If your mailbox does not have an address book or contact list, please contact your ISP's tech support and ask how they can make sure email from makes it into your mailbox.